A basic orientation programme on field strata control with special reference to rock reinforcement techniques


Strata control and monitoring has a profound influence on safety performance of coal and metal mines. This important issue has been dealt in right earnest in the recent amendment of mine safety laws

A provision to conduct scientific study has been included before starting a mechanised opencast working [Regulation 106 (2) of Coal Mines Regulations, 2017/ Regulation 116 (2) of Metalliferous Mines Regulations, 2019 (Amendment)]. For consideration of a steeper slope of spoil bank by competent authority, a scientific study by any scientific agency or institution, having expertise in slope stability has been recommended[Regulation 108 (2) of Coal Mines Regulations, 2017/ Regulation 118 (2) of Metalliferous Mines Regulations, 2019 (Amendment)]. For every coal and metal mine there is a stipulation to prepare, formulate and implement a Strata Control and Monitoring Plan (SCAMP) based on scientific studyconsidering the geotechnical data, information and the method of development and extraction of coal/mineral or theexcavation required therefrom [Regulation 123(1)(a) of Coal Mines Regulations, 2017/ Regulation 129(1)(a) of Metalliferous Mines Regulations, 2019 (Amendment)].

While conducting training of cutting edge mining personnel, it was observed that there is a gap in transferring the knowhow about strata control and monitoring from the experts desk to grass root level. During various interactions with key field operators, it transpired that there is a visible reluctance on their part to understand and appreciate the complex strata control issues, which has the potential to jeopardize workplace safety

1. Scope

Orientation of stake holders regarding different aspects of field strata control & monitoring to create awareness and better understanding,with a view to facilitate effective compliance of the statute aimed at reduction and progressive elimination of accidents and dangerous occurrences due to failure of strata.

2. Orientation programme

The orientation package developed under the guidance of Dr. A. K. Sinha, an eminent strata control &mine safety expert,is an excellent awareness initiative to inculcate an understanding about strata control and monitoringamong stakeholders (managers/supervisors/workers). It also contains a comprehensive discourse on mechanism and design of rock reinforcement systems.

3. Resource persons

A team of experienced mine safety and strata management professionals with proven credentials, mentored & guided by a distinguished mine safety and strata control expert.

4. Work plan

The work plan (one day) includes:.

  • Conduct of an interactive orientationworkshop for stake holders (managers/supervisors/workers): Two pre-lunch session of 90 minutes duration each, with learning video/ power point interface. [Up to25 participants.]
  • Learning assessment: One post-lunch ‘Question-answer’ session of 60 minutes duration. [ Up to 25 participants.]
  • Training delivery will include (i) Up to 25 nos. of CD’s containing self-learningmaterial; and (ii) Up to 25 nos. of certificate of participation

[ Note: The remote, web-enabled version of the programme is available]

5. Arrangement for training (on-site)

Arrangement for suitable computer system capable of handling video/power point presentation with overhead projection system and projection screen shall be made available at the venue by the company/entity at no cost basis.

6. Financial implications

Financial implications shall be furnished separately, in due course of time

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