Drafting of Safety & Health Policy and creation of Safety & Health framework


The fifth National Conference on Safety in mines (1980) recommended that, among others, every company whether in the public or private sector should have well defined policy in the field of safety and health of its employees. The policy could be laid down in the form of a resolution at the company's Board meeting. In defining such a policy, the Company should spell out, among other things, the following:

  • Objectives;
  • Funds and facilities to achieve the objectives;
  • The set-up for execution of the policy at different levels, the duties and responsibilities at each level and for close monitoring of execution;
  • Arrangement for publicizing the above among the different segments of mining personnel, workers, their representatives and the concerned Government departments;
  • Any other matter that may arise during the execution of the policy

In addition to above,the eleventh National Conference on Safety in mines (2013) recommended that, among others, each company shall frame a safety, health and welfare policy for their contractor’s workers keeping in view the requirement of Mines Act and Rules & Regulations made there-under. The details of the policy shall be included in the tender document which will be a binding clause for the contractor

1. Scope

To fulfil and comply with the expectations of 5th and 11th Conference on Safety in Mines regarding drafting of safety and health policy and commensurate safety and health frame work, including welfare aspects.

2. Objective

To draft a safety and health policy, and to prepare a safety and health frame work and formulate systems, procedures and guidelines there under.

3. Work plan

The work plan shall include:.

  • 3.1 Detailed discussion and deliberations through a workshop to be held with mine workers, supervisors, managers, contractor’s representatives and corporate officials to gain an understanding of their considerate view of current strategies being pursued and areas of improvement.
  • 3.2Drawing inputs from interactions with mining personnel and National/International best practices and standards, safety& health policy shall be drafted and for execution of the same, a health & safety frame work shall be put in place

4. Resource persons

A team of experienced mine safety professionals with proven credentials and exposure to the field of mining, mentored & guided by a distinguished mine safety expert

5. Activity time line

A tentative time line activity wise, has been furnished below.

  • 4.1 Detailed discussion and deliberations by holding a workshop (on site): 01 day
  • 4.2 Drafting of Safety & Health Policy and creation of commensurate Safety & Health frame work with systems, procedures and guidelines, etc. (off site): Three weeks

6. Financial implications

Financial implications shall be furnished separately, in due course of time

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