Training / awareness programme on Safety Management Plan, Emergency Preparedness and Response Systems


The risk based safety management approach has been adopted in Indian mines [Regulation 104 of Coal Mines Regulations, 2017/ Regulation 114 of Metalliferous Mines Regulations, 2019 (Amendment)] to ensure that desired results in terms improved safety & health benchmarks can be met by empowerment at all levels by awareness building and training, with optimum use of resources. Further, it is stipulated to put a comprehensive programme in place to respond to mine emergencies and disasters [Regulation 252 of Coal Mines Regulations, 2017/ Regulation 222 of Metalliferous Mines Regulations, 2019 (Amendment)]. For effective implementation of these innovative concepts, three DGMS guidelineswere circulated in mining industry vide (a) DGMS (Tech.) Circular No. 03, dated 23rd December 2019, titled “Guidelines for implementation of Safety Management Plan in mines”, (b) DGMS (Tech.) (S&T) Circular No. 05, dated 2nd April 2016, titled “Integrated approach for Development of Safety Management Plan for Coal and Metalliferous Mines”, and (c) DGMS (Tech.) (S&T) Circular No. 08, dated 3rd May 2016, titled “Emergency Management Plan for Coal and Metal Mines”.

Feedback regarding development & implementation of Safety Management Plan (SMP) and/or Emergency Response & Evacuation Plan, suggests that there is a gap in transferring the knowhow about the twin concept from the expert’s desk to grass root level. During various interactions with key field mining operators, it transpired that there is a visible reluctance on their part to understand and appreciate the nuances of these innovative concepts, which has the potential to usher in a paradigm shift in the management of OSH in mines

1. Scope

Training of stake holders to create awareness and better understanding about the twin concept to facilitate effective compliance of the statute aimed at reduction and progressive elimination of accidents and dangerous occurrences with state-of-the-art emergency response and evacuation systems in mines.

2. Training and awareness programme

The e-learning package developed under the guidance of Dr. A. K. Sinha, an eminent mine safety expert,is an excellent awareness initiative to inculcate safety and health culture amongst stakeholders (managers/supervisors/workers). It is hosted on digital platform for easy accessibility. With pan India outreach and penetration at grass root level, it is aimed to create awareness about the integrated approach and processes instrumental in development and implementation of Safety Management Plan incorporating emergency preparedness and response systems.

3. Resource persons

A team of experienced mine safety professionals with exposure to the field of mining, mentored & guided by a distinguished mine safety expert

4. Work plan

The work plan (one day) includes:.

  • Conduct of an interactive training and awareness workshop for stake holders (managers/supervisors/workers): Two pre-lunch session of 90 minutes duration each, with learning video/ power point interface. [Up to25 participants.]
  • Learning assessment: One post-lunch ‘Question-answer’ session of 60 minutes duration. [ Up to 25 participants.]
  • Training delivery will include (i) Up to 25 nos. of CD’s containing a self learning video and power point presentation; and (ii) Up to 25 nos. of certificate of participation.

[ Note: The remote, web-enabled version of the programme is available]

5. Arrangement for training (on-site)

Arrangement for suitable computer system capable of handling video/power point presentation with overhead projection system and projection screen shall be made available at the venue by the company/entity at no cost basis.

6. Financial implications

Financial implications shall be furnished separately, in due course of time

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